World’s First Artificial News Anchor

What if the person you just saw on TV was not a real person? Its possible to create lifelike characters on the screen using CGI technology but what if you could even go and meet that character but it still wouldn’t be a person?
It is possible now because of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology and this character is the first A.I. news anchor launched by a Chinese news agency.

China’s official state media, “Xinhua News Agency“, has added the world’s first A.I. anchor to its news team. This was possible with a partnership with the Chinese search engine Sogou.
The AI anchor is created using machine learning to program speech and facial movements which accurately imitate real humans, and it is programmed to read out anything entered into its system. One of the characters used in the newscasts is based on a real human anchor currently working for the agency, “Zhang Zhao”.

The AI anchor has already been launched on Xinhua’s official website, social media platforms, apps, and online streaming TV with broadcasts in both English and Chinese.
One of the goals stated for the technology is to continue advancing the field of global AI synthesis so that even broader applications will be possible.
The agency plans to use AI broadcasting to maximize their efficiency and reduce production cost.

It is a brave new world and technological advances like these are what keeps the most humane fire of exploring new areas burning.
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