How to create your own WhatsApp stickers

As technology advances, it becomes flexible as well. The new update of WhatsApp allows you to create your personal sticker pack, you can even use your own face if you like.
So here is how you can do it:

(Before proceeding make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp.)


 Step 1: First of all you will need 2 different additional apps from the Google Play Store:-


(a) Background Eraser– this app helps you make your photo transparent by erasing the unnecessary background.


(b) Personal Stickers For WhatsApp this app helps you create a file that can be incorporated in your WhatsApp sticker list.


Step 2: For creating a sticker you will need a good pic.

So click the pic that you want to be your sticker. The first time we did it we used a cute labra’s pic and it was worth it.


Step 3: Open Background Eraser.

Now click on Load a photo and select the required photo from the gallery. Then it will ask you to crop as much as possible > Crop it to the requisite level.

Now, erase the background using the options present in the toolbar located at the bottom. Use either Auto or Manual as per your convenience.

Click on Done located in the upper right corner> smoothify the photo and finally Save it. It will automatically be saved as .png file extension(which is absolutely necessary to create WhatsApp stickers).


Step 4: You will need at least 3 different pics as WhatsApp does not allow less than that to create a sticker list. So repeat step 2 and step 3 two more times.

Step 5: Open the (b)Personal Stickers for Whatsapp app and it will automatically detect all the stickers you have created (it searches for .png file extensions, see we told you it was necessary).
Click on ‘Add’ button next to the sticker to add it your list.

When you have completed the process you can find these stickers in your WhatsApp and use these personalized accessories to have fun with your friends. Happy chatting!