About us

TechnicalGuruJi.com is one of the fastest growing news/media websites which covers tech news, gadget reviews, and other comprehensive tech information.

Our journey was started in 2016 as a Hindi blog which was entirely dedicated to technology, covering learning oriented blogs which were mostly centered around YouTube learning, SEO skills, and comprehensive understanding of Google’s monetization service Adsense. But soon we realized that our loyal fans were losing their interest in it and wanted something more than just the learning oriented stuff. So, we started planning a new strategy to meet with our fans’ demands but sadly we failed and our website went inactive for almost one and a half year.

But now we are back in the market with full preparations. We have completely redesigned our website and our fans are happy with it.

Now we cover:

  • Tech News: To keep you updated with the latest headlines from the tech world.
  • Mobile Reviews: We review almost every major brand’s smartphones to help you buy a perfect handset that meets your requirements.
  • Giveaways: We organize interesting giveaway contests from time to time to reward our regular consumers with surprises packed with love and new technologies. Here, you can take part in such interesting contests.
  • TOP 5: Here we provide you our curated list of Top 5 best things. It could be the list smartphones under some specific budget, list of trending games and web applications, etc.
  • Hot Deals: We love you more than you love us. Here we bring exclusive hot deals with heavy discounts only for you.
  • Viral Stories: Here you will find the most thrilling stories handpicked from all over the internet, these stories will give you goosebumps and a new perspective to see this technofreak world.

With our ever-growing community, TechnicalGuruJi.com is a sum of all its members and followers who are an integral part of TechnicalGuruJi.com. TechnicalGuruJi.com is not just a website but it’s a community that feeds your passion for technology.